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GHX is an innovative and flexible mobile phone platform

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We help our customers keep the heart of organizational communication at the core of their business processes. We take steps to conceptualize, design hardware and software, and build prototype in close contact with customers. In this way, the final product has the maximum overlap with the customer’s requirements. Up to date management practices, the recruitment of occupational experts and the rapid flow of information have made Guyan an innovative company. The use of this infrastructure and the sencere and close relationship with customers make it possible to identify opportunities and discover the future needs of organizations. We, along with organizations, highlight solutions and provide them with the most innovative and competitive pricing.


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Governorates, refineries, cement industries, power plants and hospitals of the country are also among the customers of Guyana.

National Iranian Gas Company

Telecommunication Company of Iran


Iran Airports Company


Iran Khodro Diesel


Islamic Azad university

Central Bank

Maskan Bank

Tejarat Bank

Keshavarzi Bank

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